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Skills and background - Meet some of the team



Anatoly Alekseev
Anatoly combines structured analytical thinking from an engineering background with ... read more >>

Douglas Badham
Doug joined Curzon & Company having completed a wide variety of assignments in a ... read more >>

Cesare Baratto
Cesare has worked in the manufacturing industry focusing on continuous ... read more >>



Giulia Bergonzelli
Giulia brings over seven years of experience in the automotive industry, working across ... read more >>


Nigel Brannan
Nigel has worked across numerous industries. He has wide-ranging consulting experience ... read more >>


Sam Coe
Sam has worked for a large FTSE 100 engineering company and a fortune 500 medical devices ... read more >>



Niall Cunneen
Niall has worked in the telecommunications industry for over ten years across ... read more >>


Joanna Jayarajan
Joanna joined Curzon after seven years experience in a large retail bank, where she worked in ... read more >>


John Mason
John began his career in industry as a project Engineer. He held a number of engineering roles ... read more >>



Andrew Morgan
Andrew brings over nine years consulting experience, leading large scale business ... read more >>


James Rae
James has an MBA and over six years consulting experience in the retail, consumer goods and ... read more >>


Cornelis Smit
Prior to joining Curzon, Cornelis gained his professional experience in Strategy Consulting ... read more >>



Jacqueline Taylor
Jacqueline brings a range of experience working in strategic and business ... read more >>


Rachna Trehan
Rachna has more than six years experience working with companies in India to identify growth ... read more >>


Gerry Walsh
Gerry has worked in fifteen countries on five continents during a career of more than twenty ... read more >>



Nigel Waterson
Nigel has fifteen years consulting experience and a track record of driving strategy, ... read more >>


John Wilson
John began his career in manufacturing before broadening into a Supply Chain role with a Scotch ... read more >>

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